Press Releases

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Election Results of Question 3 and Pine Tree Power — November 7, 2023

Maine Songwriter Releases Music Video Advocating The Consumer Owned Utility Ballot Initiative — November 2, 2023

Voters Support Having a Publicly Owned Utility — October 31, 2023

Independent Polling Finds Maine Voters Want Change: Pine Tree Power tied With CMP and Versant — October 25, 2023

CMP’s Parent Company Under Scrutiny For Price Manipulation — October 20, 2023

Reading Between the Lines of CMP and Versant’s Voter Manipulation — October 20, 2023

Debate Illuminates Future of Maine’s Energy Landscape — October 19, 2023

Pine Tree Power Unveils Vision For a Consumer-Owned Utility Transformation! — October 12, 2023

Bill McKibben to Get Out the Vote for Pine Tree Power in Portland This Weekend! — October 11, 2023

Foreign-owned Parent Companies of CMP and Versant Pour Almost $35 Million Into Pine Tree Power Opposition Campaign— October 6, 2023

Natural Resources Council of Maine Endorses Yes on Question 3 for Pine Tree Power— October 5, 2023

Maine State Nurses Association Prioritizes Public Health, Endorses Pine Tree Power for a Safer, Healthier Maine— September 27, 2023

Republican Senator Rick Bennett Endorses Pine Tree Power for a Stronger, Locally-Owned Maine Energy Future— September 26, 2023

Post-Hurricane Lee Reliability Press Briefing: How do nonprofit power utilities keep the lights on longer, and for less?— September 22, 2023

Maine Couple Advocates for Consumer-Owned Power with Pine Tree Power Ad— September 21, 2023

Informative Forum on Pine Tree Power Referendum Held at Governor Hill Mansion— September 19, 2023

CMP Attempts To Buy Statewide Election— September 14, 2023

Severe Thunderstorms Plunge York and Cumberland County, Maine into Darkness— September 12, 2023

Maine Workers Rally Against Corporate Greed of CMP and Versant— September 4, 2023

Sierra Club Endorses Pine Tree Power Ballot Measure in Maine Maine— August 29, 2023

Maine Secretary of State Office Announces Ballot Numbers for Referendum Election; Pine Tree Power is Question 3 — July 27, 2023

Bernie Sanders Endorses Pine Tree Power — July 27, 2023

CMP Hikes Distribution Rates by 20% — June 6, 2023

Statement on CMP’s Latest Rate Hike — May 31, 2023

Versant Parent Sends $82 Million to Calgary While Hiking Rates for Mainers — May 31, 2023