Keep Money in Mainers' Hands

No matter what political beliefs we hold, Mainers are all just trying to pay the bills. Central Maine Power and Versant are not helping. Just last year, they took home almost $190 million in profit while also asking for more from working Mainers. This fundamentally exploitative system, where they take money out of our pockets and send it off to their distant owners and shareholders, stays in place because CMP and Versant are monopolies that are legally guaranteed an 8-12% return on their investment. With nonprofit Pine Tree Power, Mainers will save $367 a year! 

In 2022 alone, CMP & Versant took $187 million from our communities and sent it to their distant, corporate shareholders while asking for 30% rate hikes. The profiteering has to stop.

With Pine Tree Power, when we no longer have to send a huge profit to corporate shareholders, we will save. It is just that simple. To learn more about the math behind the more than $9 billion for Mainers, check out the independent economic analysis from Maine economist, Dr. Richard Silkman, below.