Building Power We Can Trust

Pine Tree Power will build power we can trust. Right now, Mainers from the coast to the County are just trying to keep our families healthy and safe. Turns out, CMP and Versant are more interested in taking millions for their distant shareholders than taking care of our grid. Their neglect has left Maine with the most frequent power outages in the nation. Unlike CMP and Versant, Pine Tree Power will be a trusted partner for our future. With a nonprofit utility, our money will stay in Maine to make the investments that will reduce outages, transition to clean energy, and connect Mainers to broadband. 

CMP & Versant Cannot Be Trusted to Invest in Our Future

CMP’s own CEO said, “’We’re probably the most mistrusted company…’”

Pine Tree Power will be different.

  1. As a nonprofit, Pine Tree Power can access cheaper financing when investing in grid upgrades, saving us money
  2. Pine Tree Power will work and take direction from the people of Maine, not their distant corporate shareholders
  3. Actually has reliability, climate justice, and broadband access mandates written into the legislation!