When I first moved here

When I first moved here in 2014 with my family of 6 the first 21 days of electricity cost 286.00 dollars x2 I flipped a gasket I called and complained how in the holy hell can they charge me that much? I have been battling for the last 9 years to get a monthly price so I can afford it but that first bill was my downfall over the years I tried to pay when I could being a disabled veteran who is a single father of a daughter is now struggling over the years times where I gave up paying them hurt us so I stopped and as of today my power is shut off it will cost me 20k with deposit and all what I owe them to get it on again. I tried to get liheap etc.. but when you ask agencies like dhhs for paperwork I never get what liheap is asking for so I am always denied. But anyway that’s my story in a nutshell and seems like it is never ending and it is just wrong that you only get 3 medical waivers out of 12 months. They should just start over with me and give me a big discounted rate that i could afford year round and not stress out about it is far away for me and I am on insulin as well so that has to be in the fridge so when they shut me off June 12th 3 days later threw out what little food I had and all my insulin. They don’t care about us as people who are struggling year round. Tyvm

Bruce usmc veteran