Time for People Power, not Private Power!

I want to live in a Maine where we have an energy system that runs on renewable energy, provides reliable service even with increasing extreme weather due to climate change, and doesn’t shut off people’s energy. This is because I believe that energy and a livable climate are human rights.

This future is not possible with CMP and Versant in charge. They’ve proven to be not only inadequate energy providers, but bad actors in the state. They have left Mainers without energy for days on end and therefore putting people in risky health situations, proving terrible management with bills wildly overcharging customers, and standing in the way of the energy transition and renewables– all while making massive profits that line the pockets of faraway shareholders.

I believe that the Pine Tree Power Company is the common sense answer to our energy future in Maine. We deserve to be in charge of Maine’s energy future, not a private multinational corporation. When we win Pine Tree Power Authority, I know we will be able to create good jobs in the state, provide reliable service, and become a climate leader in the country. In fact, I think that if Maine can win a consumer owned utility, cities and states across the nation will follow our lead!