The original CMP does not exist!

CMP does not exist! The original CMP: read meters, trimmed trees, had good billing practices and provided outstanding customer service. That is not what we got from Avangid and continue to get from Iberdola, a for profit energy giant that is taking money from our state. They do not care about our beautiful state or the wishes of its people as shown with the corridor boondoggle with their plan to frack the Kennebec . Avangrid bombarded us with expensive ads from many different self made entities. Be prepared to hear it all again as Iberdola unleashes its attack against the consumer owned Pine Tree Power. So far it is Maine Affordable Energy and many more will follow. Now as they justify massive rate hikes we must take ownership of our grid so ‘we the people’ of Maine have eminent domain over our land and not Iberdola! Please vote for Pine Tree Power! Thank you, Gary Lachance Carrabassett Valley