A few years ago I organized and led a 10 person complaint regarding outages in Jackman. During the process I learned that CMP had misinformed the PUC concerning the number of full time employees in Jackman, they repeatedly denied that Jackman had growing number of outages as well as length of outages but then disproved their own claims by providing data that was worse than our own accumulated data. They tried to have the case denied by claiming that our concerns were without merit. I learned that ever since the late 1990’s when they laid off hundreds of linemen to prepare for selling the company to Iberdola, CMP’s infrastructure was continually aging and reliability was getting worse across the companies region. CMP data showed an alarming number of poles that were new just after WW2 and had not been replaced since. After several tries to convince the PUC to use their power to Revoke CMP Authority to operate in Maine due to issues with reliability, affordability, billing issues and violations concerning disconnect warnings I have come to the conclusion that the only way for Mainers to be treated fairly is for us to own and operate the power grid. Reliability and cost have to take priority over company profits. Vote Yes in November.