Operations Leader

4 years ago our town contracted with solar developer Soltage. Then the waiting and delays began. The town had a site very suitable to develop a solar farm to enhance and help reduce our electric rates. First there were three other developers in front of us, than there was one and then we were first inline. We had heard that the other developers decided to not move ahead. Then came more delays and lies and frankly they were refusing to upgrade our sub station which was less than 1mi. away from where the farm was to be developed. The current estimate from CMP IS NOT TILL 2028. Until we move CMP out of the way and retire their administration and owners our electric utility picture will never change. In reality this is happening throughout the state and throughout the country. The only utility model that is controlled by the Fossil Fuel industry is long distance transmission. We need to cut the long distance chord totally and generate and store all our electricity locally. I’m hoping that Pine Tree Power will start that process of cutting the long distance transmission chord.