I’ve seen regulates industry and it’s better!

I moved out of Maine for 5 years and lived in Southern California and Northern Nevada. I realized upon moving just how expensive the power system is in Maine. For 5 years I paid $75-175 a month for my electricity AND natural gas bill combined.
Imagine my surprise when I moved back and got my first light bill here in Maine. I used similar amounts of power, around 1000 KWh a month, and had a $275 bill! I thought it might be a fluke. I bought a new dryer and started conserving. I was STILL paying $250 a month! I wound up getting a Hybrid water heater, which has cut my monthly bill down to around $150 but that’s still outrageous! $150 a month for 500 KWh?!? Can only be explained by the deregulated industry and CMP greed!