I work in the solar

I work in the solar industry and deal with CMP on a daily basis to get systems hooked up to the grid. CMP’s interconnections Department has some really dedicated people in it but the structure of the company keeps them from being able to do a god job. There are frequent delays in the process that cost everyone time and money and it never improves, in part because CMP is not dedicating the necessary staff to meet the demand. I frequently find that CMP departments don’t talk to each other or share even basic information that could make things more efficient and as long as the shots are getting called from Spain, that is not going to change.
I also work with the consumer owned utility in Kennbunk for solar projects and the experience is the opposite of CMP; they are efficient, accessible, have a simple process and their rates are far lower. If this is what a consumer owned utility can offer for all of Maine I will take it in a heartbeat over what we have now.