I moved here in 2019

I moved here in 2019 from Kentucky. My all in rate in Ky was 8.5 cents per KWH. At that time my rate here in Maine was 16.5 cents per KWH, it is now 26.6 cents. Of course I am disturbed with the rates, especially when we are told that hydropower is basically the lowest cost. Service is also the worse that I have seen. as compared to other parts of the country I have lived in, but I do expect that somewhat since I live in a very rural setting.

Then I found out that Versant is owned by the city government of Calgary Canada. Outrageous, how can a foreign government own a US utility? Then I see signs that say vote no for Pine Tree Power. Do people really believe foreign government owners will be more responsible than a local governing organization? This is merely a profit center. All decisions will be made to increase profit and bonuses.

Do we really stand a chance here. or will our corrupt courts just overturn yet another decision made by the voters?

One last note. Unfortunately Pine Tree Power only deals with delivery. However, power production charges alone are still above the all in cost of many parts of the country. We really need a deep dive into the entire system to root out the waste and pilferage, to ensure Mainers are truly getting a fair and honest rate. The policy of our government rubber stamping increases needs to be halted. I would really like to see Pine Tree Power expand quickly, to include a team to audit power generators books and operations in detail to drive down the power generating charges as well. As a NFP with full customer support, PTP can significantly achieve where our government has failed (if intentional or not).