Asthma Kills

One morning I woke up to a severe, asthma attack where I couldn’t breathe. I had to get rushed to the pharmacy, which was an open yet to get albuterol to make sure that I could breathe. The doctors offices that I go to sent in the paperwork to make sure that my medical delay if you will that CMP promised me that I was working on a month prior to make sure that my power didn’t get shut off. I’m a very organized person because I have very severe illnesses. I have a live-in caregiver in the service animal. What happened is over the winter and I fell behind my bills because I didn’t know about electricity bills because of a developmental disability and I got my caregiver a little bit too late CMP, even though they had the notice to not shut off my power that my doctor submitted a month prior decided to shut off my power anyway and blame it on a glitch in the system, I wonder how many people CMP has killed because of these accidental shut offs or how many people have been affected with their illnesses because of their carelessness they hang up on you when you called them and they won’t work with you on a normal low income payment plan. Pinetree power is here to actually help us as a state with our profits flying over to Spain and helping other countries we could have our profits sent to Montreal and have easier accessible power supply if you have a disability and you have a disability when it comes to your lungs CMP is out to get you pine tree power will make sure you get the oxygen you need