After the big power outage

After the big power outage in 2017, our bills that followed had more than doubled. CMP wasn’t any help. The PUC helped a little but I still had to pay the $800/mo which was normally $250-300/mo. The PUC told me that if any billing errors were found, I would be reimbursed, which never happened. I’ve never had an $800 bill since CMPs billing fiasco. Goes to show you that their new billing system was hosed up. How can a company that size, use a new & untested billing program? As far as I’m concerned, CMP owes me about $1600 in over charges.
Their smart meters didn’t function as advertised because CMP decided Not to buy replacement smart meter batteries. According to the manufacturer, these batteries need to be replaced yearly or the unit could fail.
How many more times are we going to let CMP get away with the thievery, lying & spying? Yup that’s right, SPYING. Iberdrola CEO wanted to move past the problems instead of “making it right”. I can’t wait to own our power company.